So tasty, You will forget it's healthy!

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A family run business.

All aspects of food are very important to us. We also believe food is life. Our bodies are designed to have foods that are as close as possible to the way nature intended. Healthy food means healthy bodies. We can enjoy foods we love without worrying about guilt and temptations. Over packaged, over processed, high refined sugar foods are not the best choice for anyone. Diet should be balanced in every meal, not just at certain times of the year or when we get older or when we get sick.

My father was a testament to what food can do for you. In the late 1990's he had been diagnosed with diabetes. After following the instructions given to him by the registered dietician, my mom got fed up with how those recommendations were causing more harm than good. Biggest frustration: Giving him the store bought cookies recommended best for diabetics and having his blood sugar register as spiked the next morning. The culprit? The wheat flour in the cookies.

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LOVE.....I just wanted to reach out to tell you how grateful I am to have found your products. I absolutely love the chewy fudge cookies and always have to have some in hand. Thank you thank you thank you! Keep doing what you're doing! 



We are obsessed!.......we eat way too many! Great product, better than other cookies with loads of sugar! Love, love, love your product!



OMG!!!....Love, love, love the chocolate cookies I found at Whole Foods downtown! I'm attempting the Ketogenic diet and was missing chocolate terribly. Can't wait for more of your products to be available. Keep up the fantastic work!