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Have you ever made the decision to get healthy and eat better only to find your sweet tooth became your worst enemy? Or your doctor informed you that changes need to be made with your diet and lifestyle which turned everything delicious into forbidden?

Us too!! We learned that the word "healthy food" meant boring, dry, tasteless cardboard that sucked the joy out of living. That's not exactly helpful when you want or need to make a big change in your life. And no where was this most evident than with desserts.

That's why Treasured Earth Foods was created. Delicious comfort food made with healthy ingredients that were designed for a diabetic diet and magically also help those on a paleo diet, gluten free diet, soy free diet and dairy free diet.

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LOVE.....I just wanted to reach out to tell you how grateful I am to have found your products. I absolutely love the chewy fudge cookies and always have to have some in hand. Thank you thank you thank you! Keep doing what you're doing! 



Hi folks! While visiting Austin this weekend, I tried the most PHENOMENAL chocolate divinitos and blueberry muffin. Literally life changing for a person with allergies.



OMG!!!....Love, love, love the chocolate cookies I found at Whole Foods downtown! I'm attempting the Ketogenic diet and was missing chocolate terribly. Can't wait for more of your products to be available. Keep up the fantastic work!

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